Better relationships
Better mental health

Support your teen during difficult times

Bubble improves teen mental health by guiding parents and caregivers with evidence-based gameplay and coaching

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Support your teen when they need it most

Down, anxious, and stressed out. Is it just a phase or is your teen struggling with their mental health?

Are you equipped to help them?


1 in 7 teens suffers from a mental health disorder. Without proper help, these can have long-term negative consequences


Bubble is a fun, easy-to-use app that helps you connect with your teen. They’ll develop the skills to improve their mental health, while you’ll learn proven techniques to support them. All while bonding through interactive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based games


Studies show that family involvement in supporting a young person can drastically reduce suicide risk


Strong parent-teen relationships are critical for raising teens who are healthy, happy, and resilient. Bubble is a safe space

Grow and strengthen your relationship with daily quizzes


Play CBT-Based games that are proven to reduce self-harm and anxiety

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Learn skills that improve mental health and apply them to daily situations


Help your teen feel seen, appreciated and understood

Team Play

Play interactive games, master new skills, and learn to confidently support your Bubble Buddy.

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"It's family therapy without going to therapy."

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